More Play Based ABA Programming for Young Children

More Play Based ABA Programming for Young Children

Dr. Amanda Boutot is back to share research updates on Play Based ABA. This webinar will give an outline of play and extend beyond her 2017 talk with updated research and applications for play-based ABA. 

More and more youngsters are being diagnosed with autism under the age of 3, creating opportunities for early intervention moreso than in any other time in our field's history. Additionally, young children with other developmental disabilities or delays can benefit from the technologies of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as well, with their disabilities being known as early as birth (e.g., Down syndrome). This presentation will first overview the rationale behind a play-based approach for infants and very young children with or at risk for autism or other developmental disabilities or delays. The presentation will outline basic types of play and their importance to overall development, as well as review some of the play deficits commonly seen in youngsters with autism, developmental disabilities, or developmental delays. Finally, the presentation will describe in detail how to conduct a play-based ABA program with a young child, the importance of family input and participation, data collection, and compare and contrast this approach with more traditional ABA programming.

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