Play with Purpose: Teaching Young Children To and Through Play

Play with Purpose: Teaching Young Children To and Through Play

Dr. Amanda DiGangi is back, (with a new name) to share research updates on Play Based ABA. This webinar will give an outline of play and extend beyond her 2017 & 2019 talks with updated research and applications for play-based ABA.

As we see an increasing trend toward earlier diagnosis of children on the autism spectrum, we are also seeing an increased need for ABA therapy for all children with developmental disabilities and delays. Our field is growing and expanding in so many ways, yet young children with diagnoses other than ASD are being left behind due to limits on the insurance mandates for ABA therapy. This presentation, an expansion of the first two, will provide an overview of the benefits of a play-based approach for young learners and describe the components that mak e a play-based approach effective. Case studies on its use with infants as young as 4 months old as well as BST training for RBT® fluency will also be shared. Dr. DiGangi will make the case for the importance of reaching more and more of your communities through service expansion beyond ASD, to other vulnerable populations. The presentation will outline basic types of play and their importance to overall development, as well as review some of the play deficits commonly seen in youngsters with autism, developmental disabilities, or developmental delays. Finally, the presentation will describe in detail how to conduct a play-based ABA program with a young child, the importance of family input and participation, data collection, and compare and contrast this approach with more traditional ABA programming.

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