Bogus! Detecting and Avoiding Unproven and Pseudoscientific Interventions (ON DEMAND)

Bogus! Detecting and Avoiding Unproven and Pseudoscientific Interventions (ON DEMAND)

Behavior analysts have an ethical obligation to provide students/clients with the most effective interventions available, but the helping professions are flooded with unproven, controversial, and pseudoscientific therapies and treatments. This presents challenges to behavior analysts serving families and/or collaborating with other professionals who request various unsupported or invalidated treatments. This webinar will provide behavior analysts with tools and skills to evaluate claims, distinguish between science and pseudoscience, and adhere to an evidence-based approach to serving students/clients when questionable practices are selected by other stakeholders. 

Presenter Bio:
Jason Travers is an assistant professor in the special education department at Kansas University. Jason earned his doctorate at University of Nevada Las Vegas and is a former public school special educator for learners with autism. He researches the effects of shared active surface technology on academic, communicative, and social-behavioral skills of learners with autism. Additional research interests include trends in racially disparate identification of students in the autism eligibility category, comprehensive sexuality education for learners with autism, and evidence-based practices in special education.

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