My Supervisor Doesn't Know Me

My Supervisor Doesn't Know Me

Supervision is a critical component to our field as Behavior Analysts. Whether serving future BCBA®s or clients and families, building rapport is a skillset that is often neglected, overlooked, or simply ignored due to our adherence to datas based decision making. Yet, this "soft skill," is just as important before any services can be provided. To maximize the potential of supervisees and to receive high level involvement and engagement from your clients, building rapport is an essential component to effective and humane treatment. Dr. Harrison's talk will focus on the importance of building rapport as a supervisor with clients and supervisees, while teaching supervisees such a skill; understanding yourself as a leader; and strategies to build and enhance rapport.

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize the importance of rapport building with clients and supervisees
  2. Implement effective rapport building strategies 
  3. Question and evaluate your leadership and supervision abilities 

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