Promoting Internet Safety

Promoting Internet Safety

The research is clear. People who are neurodiverse spend more time online than pursuing any other leisure activity. Combined with a high unemployment rate and a services cliff when adolescents leave school this unfettered access to the internet can lead people down a rabbit hole that crosses social and legal boundaries. This presentation will identify two areas of current concern- accessing illegal images and radicalization and what we, as behavior analysts, can do to support families in cultivating different interests and developing healthy technology habits through education, collaboration and applied behavior analytic strategies.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Relate the social and legal implications of concerning online behavior with characteristics of neurodiversity which increase vulnerability.
  2. Synthesize information from the National Institute of Justice on reducing contact with the criminal justice system with behavior analytic practices
  3. Compile a list of strategies to implement in their clinical practice.

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