Decolonizing the practice: we need a mental revolution!

Decolonizing the practice: we need a mental revolution!


Behavior University is proud to collaborate with Black Applied Behavior Analysts (BABA) to support Autism Compassion Africa

In this presentation, Ms. Chhettri will share her experiences within the field as a brown practitioner from outside the North American context. This will include reflections on her own learning while supervising in a culture outside of her own. In light of the recent statistics that have emerged from the BACB® about the demographic makeup of our field, it is pertinent to account for the voices of the minority that makes up our field while also exploring the challenges that come with being from outside of the majority. Statistics, however small, are significant. It is important to remember that a statistic is not a person and a person is not a statistic- every voice counts and matters.

  1. Attendees will be able to reflect on and use tools in their own practice
  2. Attendees will learn how to be more mindful of their interactions with colleagues/supervisees from other cultures
  3. Attendees will gain insight into the unique challenges faced by those in the field from Majority nations.

100% of registration fees will go directly to Autism Compassion Africa 

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