Online RBT® Training (for School Teams)

Incorporates performance data and supervision tools to assist with managing your RBT® candidates.

Comprehensive & Effective

An engaging and effective 40 hour course based on the 2nd Edition Registered Behavior Technician Task List. Clear instruction, video models, and interactive application activities make this RBT® course comprehensive, interesting, and practical. There are quizzes at the end of each topic, controlled pacing to ensure a full 40 hours, and study tools to review concepts and vocabulary to help with content mastery. It is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for the RBT® credential. This 40 hour training addresses all RBT® task list items and RBT® guidelines for professional conduct. The program is offered independent of the BACB®

  • Clear engaging lectures
  • Interactive application activities
  • Video models
  • Multiple exemplar training
  • Quizzes for each topic
  • Downloadable study guide
  • Controlled pacing through course

Study Tools & RBT® Exam Prep

This course includes study tools to review concepts and vocabulary to help with content mastery. There is a full length practice exam (85 questions) to give you the opportunity to review before taking the BACB® exam. Two exam attempts are included. 

  • Free full length practice exam
  • Vocabulary study tools
  • Quiz reviews for content mastery

Tools for Supervisors

RBT® Supervisor includes tools to manage and support your trainees while they work towards becoming an RBT®.  

  • Free unlocked course for supervisors to preview content
  • Performance management tools to see how your trainees are doing on quizzes and exams
  • Course completion tracking to manage trainee pacing through the course
  • BCBA® Manual with course overview and extension activities to use during supervision
  • RBT® Skills Checklist for Competency Assessment tracking

For a list of all topics covered in this training, see the FAQ below to download our course overview.

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