Early Childhood - 4 Part Series

Early Childhood - 4 Part Series

A series created for early childhood educators 

Learn how to create a positive and effective learning environment that also supports you as an educator. Being an educator is challenging work. We need skills to support ourselves while we support the children we teach. This series is for YOU! 

  • Tips for Learning New Skills Introduction What to teach, how to teach it, and when you are most effective. This introduction lays the foundation for all the skills to come. 
  • You Matter to Me: Building Positive Relationships Feeling successful and fulfilled depends a lot on relationships. Learn how to build strong and supportive relationships between children, between yourself and your students, between yourself and your colleagues.
  • My World Makes Sense: Predictable Environments & Engagement Creating an effective and predictable environment takes practice and intention. Learn the fundamentals of what helps children learn well and feel confident. Explore what you need in your environment to feel effective and how to support your wellbeing in your classroom. 
  • Let's Be Friends: Building Social Skills Our relationships support us every day. Learn effective strategies to help children build friendships. Grow your skills to support wellbeing for yourself and other teachers. 
  • I Need Help: Working With Challenges There will always be unexpected challenges. Practicing skills to help ourselves and our students navigate those difficult moments can help us do our best in such situations. Learn skills to support children having difficulty and explore what you need to be your best when facing a challenge. 

This interactive series combines instructional video and practical activities to teach you evidence-based strategies that you can apply in your classroom right away. Learn the skill, apply it to your own situation. Step-by-step in an easy to access format. 

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