Leadership as a Value (On-Demand)

Leadership as a Value (On-Demand)

In 2020 the field of behavior analysis was met with unprecedented challenges.  Across all levels and positions, there was a call to action for leaders to take the helm and address issues around racial injustice and a global pandemic.  These challenges have served as an impetus for stakeholders in the field of behavior analysis to move beyond the widely held conceptual understanding of leadership as a title or position and towards embracing leadership as a value that can be lived by everyone. During this continuing education event Dr. Cirinincione-Ulezi will discuss living leadership as a value in the field of behavior analysis by practicing with cultural humility, engaging in reflective practice and embracing courage.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify behaviors associated with leadership as a value.
  2. Describe variables and environmental conditions that serve to set the occasion for practitioners in the field of behavior analysis to embrace leadership as a value.
  3. Define and describe behaviors related to the terms cultural humility, reflective practice and courage in the field of behavior analysis. 

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