Human Flourishing…Making it a Reality in Autism Services

Human Flourishing…Making it a Reality in Autism Services

Autism service professionals are the backbone of our system of care; championing their wellbeing is imperative to assuring autistic individuals achieve a high-quality life. PERMA is a model of wellbeing utilized by many social service professions, including educators, social workers and medical providers. The five building blocks of PERMA are positive emotions, engagement, relationship, meaning, and accomplishment. The research is clear, these five components are critical to human flourishing. The intentional application of the science and skills of PERMA can elevate the wellbeing of social service professionals, resulting in greater opportunities for effective intervention delivered by those professionals. This session will describe a current project implementing and assessing the application of PERMA Theory within the autism service system and encourage participants to integrate effective wellbeing practices into their lives and their professional practice.

Learning Objectives

  1. List the five building blocks of PERMA Theory
  2. Describe two practices that could enhance the wellbeing of autism service professionals
  3. Apply one wellbeing practice into your professional practice.

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