Essentials in ABA Instruction

21 hour overview of evidence-based practices for teaching, ASD, and positive behavior interventions.

Designed for therapists, educators, family members, or anyone who wants to learn the characteristics of ASD, basic principles of applied behavior analysis, and strategies for behavior management and instruction.

This course contains 21 hours of content, ideal for those who want a crash course on ABA and ASD but who do not want or need the full 40 hour RBT® Training. 

Topics include: 

  1. Autism Characteristics
  2. Behavior Basics
  3. Applying the ABCs of Behavior
  4. Discrete Trial Training
  5. Data Collection
  6. Prompting
  7. Error Correction
  8. Aspects of Reinforcement
  9. Schedules of Reinforcement
  10. Antecedent Strategies
  11. Behavior Reduction
  12. Promoting Communication
  13. Visual Supports

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