Leveraging Social Media to Expand Your Impact in Applied Behavior Analysis

Leveraging Social Media to Expand Your Impact in Applied Behavior Analysis

Social Media is the largest social experiment. PERIOD. Every day billions of posts, photos, and videos are shared and consumed leveraging human behavior along the way. In this short-form event, Ryan O'Donnell, MS, BCBA® breaks down how social media platforms work, discusses the ethical implications and navigating them and provides a model for how to ideate and create meaningful content that achieves your professional goals. Case examples and strategies are included for each platform with an emphasis on storytelling, preaching to the choir (vs outreach and dissemination), A/B testing, and the future of social media on a decentralized platform. As a result, you will be positioned to leverage social media for your professional and personal goals as a behavior analyst (BCBA®®, BCaBA®) - or at least know everything RyanO has learned leveraging social media as a Behavior Analyst. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify and describe what a social media platform is and how they are generally structured to disseminate information. 
  2. Identify current considerations and best practices for marketing behavior analytic content ethically on social media. 
  3. Identify storytelling techniques that can be included in any form of media to transform your information into something that is emotionally engaging and fits marketing best practices. 

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