Lead with Hello

Lead with Hello

Leadership as a conceptualization produces open-ended and subjective interpretation for any individual. In order for a leader to truly be effective, one must first operationally define what a leader is and the role that leader plays within a specific organization, community, or discipline. Furthermore, a leader must be aware of actionable steps that can be taken to solidify the position, as well as procedural strategies to enhance leadership skills and qualities. The basis of this webinar is the utilization of Behavior Analytic concepts, principles, and technologies that will promote effective leadership skills within the discipline and beyond, specifically culminating in the dissemination of Applied Behavior Analysis as leaders in the scientific study of behavior to the general public.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Operationally define “leader” in terms of behavior
  2. Identify actionable steps of a leader
  3. Identify procedural strategies to enhance leadership skills

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