Writing Medically Necessary ABA Session Notes

Writing Medically Necessary ABA Session Notes

As many healthcare providers accept insurance coverage for ABA therapy, there is a growing need for objective documentation that reflects client progress towards treatment goals and identifies barriers to client outcomes. Session notes help substantiate billing claims, provide a rationale for the need for ongoing services, are included as part of the client's medical record, and are required by funders to remain in compliance with regulations. However, despite the need for staff training in this area, there have been few studies published in the behavior analytic literature that have evaluated how to effectively write session notes that demonstrate the medical necessity for ABA services.

This webinar outlines a behavioral skills training (BST) model for training staff on how to write medically necessary session notes and provides a framework for quality assurance measures, to ensure staff document relevant information. You will learn how to create your own training resources, checklists, templates, rubrics, and evaluation measures, outlining a systematic approach to generating more accurate and objective session notes. 

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to

  1. Understand medical necessity and its importance to ABA session notes
  2. Describe the essential clinical and non-clinical components of session notes
  3. Utilize a framework for writing the narrative section of session notes
  4. Establish quality assurance measures for evaluating documentation 

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