Jill C. Dardig, Ed.D.

Jill C. Dardig, Ed.D. Jill C. Dardig, Ed.D., is Professor Emerita of Education at Ohio Dominican University where she trained special education teachers for 30 years. She was awarded the Booth-Ferris Master Faculty Award and was selected as an ODU Centennial Person of Influence. A longtime member of the Board of Trustees of the St. Joseph Home for women with disabilities, Jill has also served as a curriculum specialist for the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and as a consultant at Centro da Vilariñha, a program in Porto, Portugal that teaches independent living and vocational skills to teens and young adults with developmental disabilities. Dr. Dardig has been a visiting professor at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, and presented workshops for teachers and parents in Europe, South America, and Asia. Jill has written several books and other publications about and for parents including Involving Parents of Students with Special Needs: 25 Ready-to-Use Strategies (Corwin Press, 2008).

Positive Ways to Teach New Skills and Improve Family Dynamics

Jill C. Dardig, Ed.D.

First developed in the 1970s, contingency contracting is a behavior change strategy that identifies ..


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