The mission of the Balance Program is to prevent the worsening of early problem behavior in young children with autism via a proactive, skill-building approach. The program consists of 10 customizable lessons, rooted in years of behavioral and early childhood research. Parents serve as the primary implementers with intermittent support from a professional, making the program a good option when access to behavior analytic services is limited. In this presentation, we will discuss the rationale for and research supporting the program components, highlighting the program's unique features that set it apart from other parenting or prevention programs. Attendees will learn why they might consider adding the Balance Program to their repertoire and how to gain competence and confidence with implementation.

1.    Attendees will be able to describe the purpose of the Balance Program and the clients for whom it is designed.
2.    Attendees will be able to describe the research support for individual and packaged components of the Balance Program.
3.    Attendees will be able to distinguish between avoidance and prevention of problem behavior.

About the Presenter

Kelsey Ruppel
Dr. Ruppel’s work focuses on the practical functional assessment and skill-based treatment of problem behavior, as well as preventing the development of severe problem behavior in young children with autism. She began her career as a teaching assistant in a specialized school for students with developmental disabilities and eventually served as a school-based special education teacher, BCBA, and curriculum supervisor. She has also implemented and supervised in-home ABA programming, taught courses as a faculty fellow at Western New England University, served as the Associate Director of Dr. Greg Hanley’s Life Skills Clinic at Western New England University, and served as a BCBA at an inpatient hospital program for children with severe problem behavior. Kelsey is currently a Senior Consultant at FTF Behavioral Consulting, and she has served as a consultant to a range of organizations, including schools, in-home and outpatient clinic providers, and residential programs. She holds a Master’s degree in Special Education from Johns Hopkins University and a doctoral degree in Behavior Analysis from Western New England University under the supervision of Dr. Hanley.

Course information

  • Title: Balance Program: Parent-Professional Collaborative Approach
  • Presenter: Kelsey Ruppel Ph.D., BCBA-D
  • Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • Customer Rating: (628)

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