Skinner described intraverbals as verbal operants influenced by other verbal operants where there is no imitation of content. Intraverbals are essential for vocabulary expansion and the acquisition of conversations. Many practitioners are confused by how matching-to-sample relates to teaching intraverbals when using pictures. We will provide extensive examples of how to teach intraverbals to learners using picture-based communication systems, such as PECS or SGDs.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define Skinner’s intraverbals regarding picture-based communication systems
  2. Describe why such aspects of language are difficult for learners with ASD to acquire and respond to
  3. Describe teaching strategies for important intraverbals

About the Presenter

Andy Bondy
Dr. Andy Bondy is president and co-founder of Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc. Dr. Bondy is an innovative leader in the field of autism and applied behavior analysis. He directed a statewide public school system for students with autism for fourteen years. He is co-author of the PECS Training Manual. He also wrote the Pyramid Approach to Education, a training manual that offers an integrated orientation to developing effective educational environments blending applied behavior analysis with functional activities and create communication strategies. Dr. Bondy received his MA and Ph.D. from the UNC Greensboro, and completed his clinical internship in 1976 at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Dr. Bondy has presented numerous papers, lectures and workshops in regional, national and international conferences and conventions on behavior analysis, PECS and the Pyramid Approach to Education. He has remained active in research and writing, and continues to develop new and innovative methods of helping children with autism and related developmental disorders.

Course information

  • Title: Rethinking Teaching Intraverbals with Pictures
  • Presenter: Andy Bondy Ph.D.
  • Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • Customer Rating: (107)

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