RBT® Course: Choose the one that's right for you

RBT® Essentials

This is the bare-bones 40 hourt RBT® training course. This is designed for the average user who does not need the extra features of test preparation or advanced supervision tools.


Most Popular

RBT® Premium

Our most popular RBT® training option. This tier has the same core content as the basic package but it includes extra tools and features to help prepare the student for the RBT® exam.


RBT® Supervisor

Made with organizations, supervisors, and BCBA®'s in mind, this tier incorporates our advanced supervsion tools to assist in managing the training and certification of your RBT® candidates.


What's Included

  RBT® Essentials RBT® Premium RBT® Supervisor
40 Hour Online RBT® Training course with slides, audio, and video
Downloadable Certificate of completion
Subtitles of audio content for hearing impared or silent listening
Assign purchased courses to staff, trainees, or others
Manage, Revoke, and Reset purchased courses easily from
Free Tech Support for purchaser via email, ticket, or text
200 page downloadable RBT® Study Guide  
Test preparation flash cards  
RBT® Vocabulary & Concepts matching game  
Full length practice exam (2 attempts given)  
Retain course material forever to review later  
Free Tech Support for purchaser and staff via email, ticket, text, or telephone  
Downloadable BCBA® Manual for RBT® Supervision    
Unrestricted access to RBT® course content    
Performance monitoring of progress and quiz results    
RBT® Skills Checklists    
Competency Assessment Tool