RBT® Study Tools

RBT Study Tools

This is your go-to preparation tool-kit for ensuring that you master your new ABA knowledge and pass the national RBT® exam. 

These are the same tools included in our effective RBT® Premium and RBT® Supervisor training courses.

This booster pack is perfect for anyone who took our RBT® Essentials course or needs standalone test prep tools to take them to the next level. 

Study Pack includes 

  • Downloadable RBT® study guide
  • Digital vocabulary flash cards to build fluency
  • Matching games to review concepts
  • Practice using visual analysis to interpret graphs
  • Quizzes for each topic area
  • Two real-time simulated practice exams (take each exam twice!)

Effective. Flexible. Rigorous.

These study tools have been crafted to help you on your path to becoming an RBT®

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  • $40.00

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