Make a positive impact on the world

Right now, there are thousands of people waiting for life-changing services that you can provide as an RBT! Leave your job each day satisfied that your work lifts up other people.

Enter a ground-breaking career

RBT is a nationally recognized credential in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Your career path starts here and goes as far as your imagination. Many RBTs take the next step to achieve careers as Behavior Analysts & Assistant Behavior Analysts. A bachelors degree, masters or even a Ph.D. could be in your near future!

Your ABA skills are useful in other places too

If you're not sure where your path may go, feel good knowing that RBTs can also branch into equally exciting fields like education, child development, psychology, management, counseling, social work, and human resources. You can even apply ABA skills to life passions like fitness coaching or owning your own business!



  • 40 Hour Online RBT Training course with slides, audio, and video
  • Downloadable Certificate of completion
  • Subtitles of audio content for hearing impaired or silent listening
  • Assign purchased courses to staff, trainees, or others
  • Manage, Revoke, and Reset purchased courses easily from
  • Free Tech Support for purchaser via email, or ticket


I Want the Basics!


  • All the features of the Premium, plus...
  • Downloadable BCBA Manual for RBT Supervision
  • Unrestricted access to RBT course content
  • Performance monitoring of progress and quiz results
  • Competency Assessment Tool
  • Free Tech Support for purchaser via email, ticket, text, or telephone


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Built for Your Success
  • Stay engaged with clear lessons, practice activities, helpful graphics, and quizzes to help you master the skills you need. See how things are really done as an RBT through lots of video examples.
  • Meet your training goals by monitoring your progress on the dashboard.
  • Be prepared for the RBT exam with interactive study tools, a beautifully-organized study guide, and personalized exit exam feedback.
Choose with Confidence
  • Feel good knowing that this 40-hour RBT training is used by universities, school districts, and ABA providers all across the globe. Thousands of RBTs have successfully completed this course.
  • Rest easy that this RBT training is carefully designed by two Ph.D. level Behavior Analysts with more than 40 years combined experience in Applied Behavior Analysis.
Let's make a difference together.


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