Self-Reflection, Implicit Bias, & Accountability in Behavior Analysis

Self-Reflection, Implicit Bias, & Accountability in Behavior Analysis

Gaining an understanding of our own bias is critical in moving us forward towards increased equity. This talk will focus on understanding our implicit biases through a proposed behavior analytic framework. Instead of considering implicit biases as “good” or “bad,” we will seek to understand how biases become learned. Literature focusing on implicit biases and self-reflection will be reviewed, and we will discuss measures behavior analytic organizations have taken to date towards diversity equity, and inclusion. The speaker will share her own observed biases and will investigate how to engage in behaviors that will alter our instructional history towards a broader cultural evolution of equity and social justice. Self-reflection protocols will be reviewed. It should be noted that the discussion presented here may be highly sensitive; audience participation is strongly encouraged

Learning Objectives

  1. Analyze actions taken by major behavior analytic organizations towards equity
  2. Describe a proposed behavior analytic framework surrounding the formation of implicit biases
  3. Identify ways to alter our learning history as related to our own implicit bias
  4. Discuss behavioral strategies towards systemic change as related to social justice
  5. Review protocols to engage in self-reflections as related to ur work as researchers and clinicians

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