Sexuality in Behavior Analysis: Assessment, Treatment, and Ethical Considerations

Sexuality in Behavior Analysis: Assessment, Treatment, and Ethical Considerations

Behavior analysis is capable of addressing a wide breadth of human and animal behavior. In fact, our science is one of the most ubiquitous sciences in terms of application. This flexibility and application also includes the complex nature of sexuality, an area of practice that many behavior analysts will intersect with in their time working in the field. In this talk, Dr. Shane T. Spiker will discuss the current research in behavior analysis related to sexuality as well as how to successfully and ethically navigate assessment, treatment, and collaboration in this research area.

Part 1 of this course will discuss some current research and definitions related to sexuality in behavior analysis. This will be a necessary foundation for the rest of this course.

Part 2 will discuss assessment considerations, including legal and culturally relevant factors to assessing sexually related behaviors.

Part 3 of this talk will primarily discuss interventions and how they might be used in a behavior analytic context. And finally,

Part 4 of this talk will focus on ethics in the context of sexuality in behavior analysis as well as provide resources to access.


Participants will be able to:

  1. Define and describe sexual behavior and sexuality in the context of behavior analytic work
  2. Review current research related to sexual behavior in behavior analysis
  3. Describe how assessments might be conducted with specific considerations
  4. Identify a variety of treatments available from behavior analytic research
  5. Discuss various ethical considerations related to assessment and treatment of sexuality in behavior analytic work

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