Tiered Behavior Support

Tiered Behavior Support

This course is for ALL of the many different student support professionals whose job it is to help students succeed! Including: district level student support services, special education leaders, itinerant and school-based support specialists. Including school counselors, school social workers, nurses, school psychologists, speech and language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, school and district level administration, special education teachers.

This is a course for all of you!

The educational landscape is rapidly changing and it's impacting the ways student services professionals can function. Students' families and schools have increasingly complex needs related to serious issues like child abuse and neglect, anxiety and depression, bullying, school violence, and life-threatening food allergies. All of these are competing with rigorous academic standards.

We need effective and efficient ways to meet the needs of students!

Course Objectives

In this course you'll learn about the PBIS framework, including all three tiers of the multi-tier systems of support. Starting with collecting, analyzing, and using data to inform, plan, and implement behavioral supports. Then you'll learn to understand behavior better by learning about the underlying factors that influence student behavior. These factors include disability, trauma history, and function. You will learn how to develop strategies to prevent challenging behaviors. Finally, you'll learn how to better respond to challenging behavior with collaborative and restorative responses. You'll also learn about de-escalation techniques to help you better manage challenging situations when they arise.

At all levels, you'll learn techniques for using restorative practices that will help you repair harm and restore relationships.

If you work in schools - this course is for you!

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