New System Changes: What Returning Organizations Need to Know

On September 5th, Behavior University has launched a new order interface aimed at improving the experience of organizations and administrators.  This article will outline the important changes.  

Single Sign On Page

Where, previously, there was a separate log in for students and administrators, all users will sign into he same place now.  Existing administrator accounts have been brought over and the email address and password should remain the same.  If you are having trouble logging in, you now have access to a "forgot password" function that should fix any issues.

Simplified Order Process

Organizations and administrators may now purchase any combination of items from our catalog in any quantities desired.  The order interface is designed like a typical online shopping cart.

No More Codes

The most drastic change to the new system is that we have done away with the, clunky, "access code" system of before.  Purchased courses are now assigned to students automatically through the platform.  Here is how it works...

  • Upon checkout and payment, ordered courses are put into a "purchases" queue, accessible from the user area.  
  • A course is assigned by clicking a button and entering the prospective student's email address.   (In the event you want to assign a course to yourself, you would simply enter your own email address, or leave it blank.)
  • The student receives an email with a link to register and redeem the assigned course.
  • From the purchases page, you can track all the assigned courses and the progress of each student.
  • If needed, the access can be rescinded so that the course can be assigned to another user.  This is helpful in the event that a prospect does not work out.  (Note that a course can be automatically reassigned only if it is less than 50% completed.)

But what happened to my old codes?

We have brought forward all of the purchases from the old system.  You should see them all under the "purchases" section.  The only difference is now, rather than having an access code that you need to convey, you just can directly assign the course from the system.

If you feel like you are missing any purchased courses, please contact us and we will assist you.